Website Manager

2018 MYFootball Board

Position Name
Director  David Wirey
Assistant Director  Jason Taylor
TreasurerBeth Lawyer
Secretaries Stephanie Key
Concession Director  Alicia Rawlins
Assistant Concession Director Casey Wirey
Players/Coaches Director  Shaun Rawlins
Field Director  Tres Shaffer
Rules Director Jake Thacker
Equipment Director Jason Lannan
Fundraising Director Sarah Ragsdale
Niki Thacker
Cheer Co-Director
 Danielle Cloud and Cassity Fisher
Website AdministratorStephanie Key
Announcer Tim Martin

MYFootball Board Responsibilities

Director  Oversees the Monrovia Youth Football Board. Represents MYFootball in the West Central League Board. Handles conflict between parents and league. Ensures league rules are being followed. Make final decision on if home games are going to be cancelled. Signatory on MyFootball Checking account.
Assistant Director Helps the Director oversee the Monrovia Youth Football Board.
Players/Coaches Director Makes any arrangements that need made on behalf of players. Communicates to the players that do not have current physicals/birth certificates on file. Sizes and orders players jerseys.
Equipment Director Handles inventory, ordering and refurbishing of equipment and game pants. Helps with proper fitting of equipment during equipment handouts and maintenance of players equipment throughout the season.
Field Director Sets the field up before every game, Opens the gates, and announcers box.
Concessions Director/Assistant Director Manages the concession stand. Purchases items from Sams/GFS, sets up concession prior to all home games. Keeps track of spending and income. Schedules parents to work during game times.
Rules Director Reads and interprets all rules and regulations and makes sure all coaches understand the rules.
Secretary In charge of meeting minutes. Following up with everyone to ensure they are doing what was discussed in Board meetings.
Treasurer Handles the money. Makes sure we pay all bills on time, keeps our General Ledger and balances the check book. Makes sure insurance is kept current. Signatory on checking account.
Fundraising Director/Assistant Director Seeks out fundraising ideas and implements. Helps collect Sponsorship funds from different businesses in and around the community.
Website Administrator Helps make sure the website is kept up to date and parents are kept in the loop, keeps documents scanned into the website for safe keeping. Sets up registration on line, and uses data collected to help everyone do their jobs.
Cheer Director/Assistant Director

Handles all things Cheerleading. Ordering uniforms, forming teams, selecting coaches, making sure cheer squads have a way to communicate with coaches of the football team with whom they are associated.